Let's help every child reach their full potential while instilling
within them a love of learning


Sackville Schools 2020 is a community-based group working to transform K-12 education in Sackville, New Brunswick. We want to be proactive in the face of change, working together to help decide what happens to and in our schools. An innovative, inspired, community-based public school system will benefit our children and community. We need to support teachers in this effort.


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Imagine the possibilities

Imagine students...

exploring worlds; finding passion & purpose; inspiring each other; reaching beyond

Imagine teachers...

energized, equipped, empowered; working together; learning along with their students; sharing what if…and wow…!

Imagine parents...

participating with confidence; enriching and being enriched by what the family is learning

Imagine leaders...

sharing insights and inspiring possibilities; modelling, supporting and scaling

Imagine an integrated learning community  celebrating lifelong learning and thinking creatively to make this a wonderful town in which to live & work.


Sackville Schools 2020: A Web Documentary

A thought-provoking, interactive web-based documentary has been created about the education movement here in Sackville. Below is the trailer, which presents a compelling introduction for continuing on the path to create a 21st century learning environment for Sackville students. Watch to learn about the many reasons community members, teachers and parents have come on board to create change, and you'll understand why others across New Brunswick and Canada are taking notice.

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The brochure can be downloaded and provides an overview of the vision for 21st century learning in Sackville.

The brochure can be downloaded and provides an overview of the vision for 21st century learning in Sackville.

We find when we talk about 21st century skills, people often reduce them to skills for the workplace and skills involving technology. And we’re really talking about skills for creativity, for civic engagement, for social life—the full range of experiences that young people will be involved in in the future.
— Henry Jenkins, USC Annenberg Provost’s Professor of Communications

Modern school facilities

Beautiful middle school learning space designed by FNI.

Beautiful middle school learning space designed by FNI.

Inspiring learning spaces in innovative schools move beyond traditional classrooms and desks. Let's invest in beautiful new infrastructure rather than repairing crumbling old school buildings.

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Meaningful learning

Experiential learning.

Experiential learning.

A learner-centred curriculum that's creative, relevant, and interesting will engage students and help them find their path in this ever-changing world. Let's use modern ideas to update Sackville's curriculum.

21st Century Learning →

Header photograph courtesy of Thaddeus Holownia