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View & download our info sheet

View & download our info sheet

The Sackville Schools 2020 information sheet explains why changes are needed to the public school system in Sackville and provides an overview of 21st century guiding principles.

Sackville Schools 2020 has been working closely with C21 Canada: Canadians for 21st Century Learning and Innovation. We have held several workshops with local educators to coordinate our community-based project with the leading voices, research, and professional learning on 21st Century schools. Here are some of the core documents being used in our work (click the images to download the PDF documents):


The Spiral Playbook:

describes a sustainable approach to professional inquiry that aims to transform how educators learn and lead.

School districts in Canada are part of a growing international movement that puts strong emphasis on school design to serve the diverse needs and learning styles of students for the 21st century economy.
— from "Liberated Spaces..." article, linked below

These articles discuss the merits of updating education to fit into the modern era, and inspire with possibilities


Online Reading

Liberated Spaces: Purposeful School Design Says Goodbye to Cells and Bells,  Canada Education online magazine - Canadian Education Association, cea-ace.ca

21st Century Skills: The Challenges Ahead, Andrew J. Rotherham and Daniel Willingham, Teaching for the 21st Century, Pages 16-21, September 2009, Volume 67, Number 1

The Role of Education in the 21st Century, from teachercertification.org

The Critical 21st Century Skills Every Student Needs and Why, from Global Digital Citizen Foundation, Jan 2015

Leadership from the Middle: A system strategy, from Education Canada, Spring 2016. Excerpt: Leadership from the Middle represents a new and powerful way of thinking that frees us from outdated and limited models that depend on top-down versus bottom-up thinking. It liberates a greater mass of people to become engaged in purposeful system change, and ultimately to own the changes that they create together. 

11 Signs a City (Town) will Succeed, from The Atlantic, Spring 2016.  This article stretches well beyond the immediate mandate of Sackville Schools 2020, but it places our work in the context of the larger possibilities for Sackville in the years to come.

Concevoir les plus belles écoles au monde : la vision de Pierre Thibault, Au cours d’une conférence tenue le 29 février à Montréal, l’architecte Pierre Thibault a présenté des exemples inspirants d’écoles publiques scandinaves, japonaises, allemandes et espagnoles.

PDF articles & reports

Deep Learning: Shaking the Foundations - A White Paper by Michael Fullan, Peter Hill, and Santiago Rincón-GallardoIssue 3; April 2017, Deep Learning Series, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: A Global Partnership

C21 Shifting Minds - C21: Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation, www.c21canada.org

What is the impact of decentralization on student achievement? - Canadian Education Association, cea-ace.ca

From Vision to Action in Canadian Education, 2014 Regional Workshop Follow Up Report  - Canadian Education Association, cea-ace.ca

School Structures that Support 21st Century Learning - Hanover Research, 2011

Informative videos


21st Century Skills in Action: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving

As a leading venture capitalist, Ted Dintersmith lived and breathed the world of innovation. He has seen first-hand how quickly automation is eliminating the structured jobs in our economy, as well as the opportunities for young adults who are bold, creative, and entrepreneurial.

We know how to help kids develop into powerful learners. Now, we just need to make that happen in schools. "A parent of two teen-agers, Will Richardson has spent the last dozen years developing an international reputation as a leading thinker and writer about the intersection of social online learning networks and education.