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Community Visioning Session

Coming SOON!

We are so thankful for those who have been keeping up on our announcements over the past two years and reading our newsletters and articles as well as continuing to give feedback.  We look forward to holding a Community Visioning Session in the coming months! One of the main goals in this session is to ensure that community members have a strong voice in determining what the future of a new school building should and could look like. This is YOUR community and we want your voice to be heard. This is a great opportunity to voice your hopes and dreams for education in Sackville. The results from the session will be given to the district for further information. We will be publicly announcing this session when the date is confirmed, however, if you would like to be specifically emailed with the details about this session, please follow the link below to a form to fill out your information for us so we can help keep you informed.

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Moving Forward: Next Steps

Sackville Schools 2020 is very pleased to have been able to offer, through the help of generous sponsors, a community screening of Most Likely to Succeed. This very inspiring film immerses you in the lives of students and teachers at one school, then tells you not to copy them. Instead, the producers of MLTS encourage viewers to create their own learning environment, leveraging the passions, expertise, and aspirations of their community. Regardless of your role in the public education system–whether you're a parent, teacher, school leader, student or a change agent–if you have been inspired by this film, please take a look at these very useful resources to help guide you in making a difference right here in Sackville.

HELPFUL LINKS to find resources

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