Let’s work together so that our children have the opportunity to connect to community resources through learning experiences


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The current process of building new schools in NB allows for very little community input. S20/20 is proposing a different kind of process for any new schools built in Sackville, with the community playing a central role in determining location, grade configuration and included amenities. Do you support this idea? Get involved with S20/20 by coming out to meetings and adding your voice to the conversation. Follow us on Facebook and/or subscribe to our newsletter (sign up below) to keep up-to-date on meeting times and upcoming events.

an exciting opportunity to do things differently!

Volunteers with Sackville Schools 2020 have spent over 3 years consulting with educational experts and the community to put together an exciting idea for education in Sackville. Learn about our VISION and the S20/20 idea for a Community Learning Campus for our town. This is a community-based model where the voices of teachers, students and community members play the central role in its design. Imagine the possibilities and the immense benefits for Sackville citizens, especially the children!

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Resources to inspire change

We were very pleased to have been able to offer, through the help of generous sponsors, a community screening of Most Likely to Succeed in March of 2017. This very inspiring film immerses you in the lives of students and teachers at one school, then tells you not to copy them. Instead, the producers of MLTS encourage viewers to create their own learning environment, leveraging the passions, expertise, and aspirations of their community. Regardless of your role in the public education system–whether you're a parent, teacher, school leader, student or a change agent–if you have been inspired by this film, please take a look at these very useful resources to help guide you in making a difference right here in Sackville.

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