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Sustainability Study has begun

The District Education Council will be considering the future of Sackville’s Schools. Anyone interested in education in this town is encouraged to be a part of the Sustainability Study process. Together, let’s Imagine The Possibilities and think outside the box to ensure Sackville has beautiful school infrastructure that meets the needs of teachers and students in the 21st Century.

Here is the timeline of the process—be sure to mark your calendars and join in the discussion!


Anyone wishing to present during the November 12 meeting must register in advance on the Anglophone East School District website.

The DEC will choose one of 4 options for Sackville’s Schools:

    1. Maintain the status-quo

    2. Close Marshview Middle School and reconfigure Salem to a (K to 5) and Tantramar High School to a (6 to 12) 

    3. Close Marshview Middle School, build a new K to 5 school and build a new 6 to 12 High School 

    4. Consider combinations of items 2 and 3 or another option brought forward during the study

If you care about education in Sackville, please take part in this Sustainability Study process.

Let’s work together to ensure that students & teachers in our town have the best schools possible!o

Moving Forward: Next Steps

Sackville Schools 2020 is very pleased to have been able to offer, through the help of generous sponsors, a community screening of Most Likely to Succeed. This very inspiring film immerses you in the lives of students and teachers at one school, then tells you not to copy them. Instead, the producers of MLTS encourage viewers to create their own learning environment, leveraging the passions, expertise, and aspirations of their community. Regardless of your role in the public education system–whether you're a parent, teacher, school leader, student or a change agent–if you have been inspired by this film, please take a look at these very useful resources to help guide you in making a difference right here in Sackville.

HELPFUL LINKS to find resources

Header photograph courtesy of Thaddeus Holownia