21st Century Learning Spaces for Creative Age Learning

In designing schools, we must reexamine the notion of the traditional classroom setting and focus on new learning environments that are designed to support student achievement. Doing so requires greater flexibility in
design to accommodate a range of learning scenarios inside and outside the school.
— Hanover Research Group

Outdoor learning spaces, like Salem's outdoor classroom, bring students closer to nature and are excellent for mental well-being and overall health.

Imagine a school with:

  • a wide range of flexible small group work areas

  • individual study areas

  • access to natural light and the outdoors

  • commons areas

  • principles of sustainability

  • effective lecture theatres

These are the kinds of features you will find in many modern schools across NB and Canada. Rather than spending the millions needed to fix current schools in Sackville, which are in need of extensive repairs (some related to health concerns), and are outdated, we propose investing that money in the future well-being of our children by building modern, environmentally-healthy schools buildings and infrastructure.

Inspiring examples

There are many innovative, beautiful schools that can inspire with their attention to architectural detail and environmental standards. Below are just a few examples designed by Fielding Nair International in Canada.


creative ideas:
Think outside the box

  • Today’s modern classrooms look very different from those of the past

  • Students do not necessarily sit in rows, at desks, but have various options that include moving around

  • Learning happens inside and outside the classroom

  • Physical learning environments need to sustain and promote multiple modes of student learning, supporting individual and group needs

  • Learning happens inside the school and outside

  • Experiential opportunities abound

  • Imagine multi-age groupings of children collaborating to solve a problem together

  • Imagine teachers from different schools and the University collaborating on projects together


School Design & Layout

It's important that new school design accounts for the local Sackville context and consider the needs of the community. Below is a design created by FNI, that illustrates how a connected campus model could house K-12 students and share an amazing set of resources and facilities. Imagine an integrated learning community celebrating lifelong learning and thinking creatively to make this a wonderful town in which to live & work!

A community
dedicated to

  • Education is the single largest employer in Sackville, pre-dating the town's incorporation

  • Sackville is known nationally and internationally as a community dedicated to excellence in education

  • We have real-world learning opportunities right here in Sackville that students and teachers benefit from

  • Incorporating 21st century learning principles will enable us to be a living laboratory and a model for other towns

  • An innovative education system will help attract new families and businesses to our town

  • Investing in community-supported education not only helps our children find their passion, but helps ensure that Sackville is on the forefront of new ideas

Header photograph courtesy of Fielding Nair International