Inspiration for a New Vision

On Sunday, the Sackville community will gather at the Visioning Session to discuss new school infrastructure & education:


Inspiration to help spark discussion

Seeing examples of beautiful, modern schools will help Sackville residents understand the possibilities that exist in new school design. Here are a few videos that provide some inspiring educational models and spaces.


Many examples of effective learning spaces are compiled in this lively video:


Students are engaged by creating flexible and interesting learning environments. Teachers share the benefits and value of such spaces:


Designing schools that support student learning and growth in a modern world.

It's about the children

Modern schools need to be thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of 21st Century students, and move away from the "cells and bells" model of the past.

We look forward to seeing many teacher, students, parents and other interested Sackville community members join in the Visioning process on Sunday. After all, discussing the future of education will directly impact our children and this lovely town.