Sackville as an Integrated Learning Community: How do we get there?

Are you interested in education in Sackville?

On Thursday, April 27th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, a public discussion will take place in the Council Chambers of Sackville Town Hall to look at the possibilities for what the 10-Yr Education Plan could mean for Sackville. Light refreshments will be offered.

The afternoon will feature five different speakers offering their views on the future of education in New Brunswick and how it can bring out the best in Sackville—for our children, for our schools and for our future. The session will end with an open panel forum where attendees can share their thoughts on the ideas presented by speakers, who are sure to inform and motivate those in attendance.

I look forward to presenting the 10-year education plan in Sackville, as they are proposing a model of what education should be...transferring learning through integration and experiential learning across the community, where great teachers and principals are supported by everyone.
— . Chris Treadwell, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development

Mayor John Higham will speak about integrating education, economy and quality of life in Sackville.  Chris Treadwell, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, will inspire those present with his views on “the transition principle and the new education plan—it takes a community”. Anglophone East School District Superintendent, Gregg Ingersoll, will address 21st century learning and “what we need to do to get there, what we are doing now”. Teacher and author of The Best School in the World, Molly Hurd will discuss “how students, teachers and parents can transform Canada’s public schools”. James Seaman, Educational Design Architect and Planner of Fielding Nair International, will reflect on ways to approach community based school design.


This important education event is being hosted by the Mayor of Sackville and has been organized by Sackville Schools 2020. Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend and join the conversation.