An exciting idea based on over 3 years of consultation & research  

Our vision: A community learning campus

We know that Sackville can lead the way and be proactive in deciding what happens to and in our schools. We would love to see our children thrive and reach their full potential within an inspired & inspiring learning community that is supported by an environmentally-healthy & modern network of educational facilities.

The Sackville 20/20 Draft Proposal

A Community Learning Campus with new facilities that is cost-shared, builds on our current assets, and is designed with lots of community input on such things as:

  • location

  • grade configuration

  • additional amenities

IMAGINE an education model that pulls together everything that makes our community great. A Community Learning Campus would allow for collaboration between the many resources and educational initiatives in Sackville. The following graphic provides an overview of the various connected parts:


The many community partners that would enhance education in a Community Learning Campus model (click to enlarge)


Compared with a typical school build, this kind of community-based model could:

  • be more cost effective

  • be revenue generating

  • use the Education specifications as a guideline, not a rule

  • involve community in key decisions

  • support existing assets (e.g. Tantramar Wetlands Centre)

  • offer community spaces and services

A Community Learning Campus could take inspiration in how it’s set up and designed by looking to wonderful schools in other parts of NB and elsewhere in Canada, but we would ensure it fits the needs of Sackville. Here is a beautiful example of a K-12 school campus from B.C:

An inspiring K-12 school campus in Kelowna, BC.

An inspiring K-12 school campus in Kelowna, BC.

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We presented the Community Learning Campus draft proposal at a community forum on October 29. The SLIDESHOW we created provides the possible proposal along with important information and ways to move forward. As a community-based model, this vision will ensure that the teachers, students and community members using the space, will be involved in designing what it looks like through future visioning sessions. So many exciting possibilities exist!

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Many questions about the Community Learning Campus have arisen through the Community Forum held in October. Check out the FAQ page, which aims to address questions and provide some clarification!

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What are the roots of the Community learning campus idea?

The S20/20 proposal has been informed by 3+ years of research and consultation with experts and the local community. Here is a timeline that shows some of the exciting work that Sackville Schools 2020 volunteers have done since 2015.

(click to enlarge)

Education is not just bricks and mortar… it is about our community and I think that your group there in Sackville are doing some wonderful things. You have some very innovative thinkers there and to get the community together is a very positive thing. I commend you for trying to put the pieces together between your elementary, middle and high schools and for advancing education across the province.”
— Brian Kenny, NB Minister of Education

national interest in the s20/20 vision

Education Canada published an excellent overview of Sackville 20/20's vision and how far the movement has come since it began in 2015. Sackville Schools 2020: A community vision for education is an article worth reading to gain a better understanding of why there is so much support for the work being done by this group on a widespread level, local to international.

People really want to have a say in not only where their school is but what does a school look like, and how does it fit into the community. I think that’s something we’re going to see more and more in the future and it makes sense.””
— Gregg Ingersoll, Superintendent, ASD-E