Building a Vision for Education

Be a Part of It!

Join us for an inspiring afternoon workshop where we can all dream big about the future of education in Sackville: Building a Vision for Education in Sackville!

Date:  Sunday, October 29, 2017

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Location:  Marshview Middle School, 19 Queens Road, Sackville



What can the future of education look like in Sackville?

Sackville is a wonderful, caring and inspired community, and its citizens, young and old, are invited to come together to develop a new vision for what education might look like by the year 2020. Our schools were designed for an earlier time and these aging structures are proving to be inadequate for the educational needs of the youth of today. It’s therefore a good time to rethink our core community commitment to education to bring in a 21st Century model of teaching and learning. We want you to be part of this visioning and design process, with the help of architectural designers and architects as our facilitators.

Over the past two years, Sackville Schools 2020 has been working with community partners, such as the Town of Sackville, Mount Allison University, local MLA Bernard LeBlanc, Tantramar Seniors’ College, Tantramar Family Resource Centre, and students, parents, and teachers in rethinking the ways we approach education. We have been fortunate to have been guided by a number of local, national and international educational design experts who see the remarkable opportunity of developing an integrated education model here in Sackville. We have also enjoyed a great level of cooperation and support from the Department of Education and the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Brian Kenny, who has been invited to join us at this event.

As part of the next steps in creating a new educational landscape in Sackville, we have invited a number of leading architects and community development experts to meet with members of our community concerning the future of education and the potential for sustainable, community-connected learning, recreation and economic well-being.


Featured Speakers:

Mayor John Higham
The Town of Sackville has identified education and community development in its five-year strategic plan. Mayor Higham will discuss this strategy and will act as moderator of the session.

Greg Hasiuk                           
Greg is a partner at Number TEN Architectural Group in Winnipeg and is also the firm’s Practice Leader. He has over 25 years of experience and has played a leading role on a variety of major projects ranging from recreational centres to 21st Century educational facilities and campuses. In addition to innovative design work, Greg has considerable expertise in the Integrated Design Process (IDP), user group and stakeholder consultations and workshops. In particular, Greg has worked with Fielding Nair International Education Design and has developed numerous award-winning community-based schools in Canada.

Boyd Algee
Boyd is a Moncton-based architect and educational design consultant who has developed a number of school assessments for the District Education Council. He was closely involved in the consultation and evaluation process of the former Moncton High School Building and he has been an advisor on our community consultation process. Boyd is a graduate of MTA and he has a deep commitment to educational design.

Alex Clermont
Alex and his family live in Sackville and he has been a member of a number of town committees, such as the Downtown Revitalization Committee and the Heritage Board. Alex is a professional architect who has a deep understanding of community-based planning and design.


Share your ideas!

Students, teachers, parents and anyone interested in the future of education is Sackville is welcome to attend this workshop-style event. We certainly do not have all the answers to the many questions on what education might look like in this community, so we welcome the ideas and possibilities that our citizens of Sackville can contribute to building this vision for education.

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